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Dr. Min Ji


  • PH.D, College of GeoInformation Science and Engineering, ShanDong University of Science and Technology, China , September, 2000 -- July, 2004
  • M.A, Department of GeoInformation Science, ShanDong Institute of Mine and Technology, China , September, 1994 -- July, 1997
  • B.A, Department of GeoInformation Science, ShanDong Institute of Mine and Technology, China , September, 1988 -- July, 1992


  • Visiting Scholar, Institute for Geospatial Research & Education (IGRE), EMU, November, 2005 - 2007 
    Duties include design and development of an Integrated Sidewalk Management System by GeoMedia GIS software, Web-based GIS development by ArcIMS or MapServer.
  • Vice header, associate professor, Geography Department of GeoInformation Science and Engineering College, July, 1999 -- November,2005
  • Vice Director, North GIS Center of LRISE , August, 1994 -- July, 199 Assistant Professor, ShanDong Institute of Mine and Technology, China
  • Surveying Engineer, FeiCheng Coal Mining Corporation, Shandong, China  August, 1992 -- July, 1994


  • Integrated Sidewalk Management System, funded by Detroit City Engineering Division 2005-2006
  • Web-based Real-Time Editing GIS, funded by EMU, 2005-2006
  • JiNan Web-based Map Query System, 2004, China
  • North Pacific Fisher Ship Dynamic Monitoring System, 2001-2003, China
  • Fishery Analyzing and Fisher Data Manage system , 2001-2003, China
  • Geographic Information Framework Study of Digital ShanDong, 2001-2004, China
  • The Framework Designing of Digital TaiAn, 2001-2004, China
  • The Study and Development of TaiAn Street GIS, 2003, China
  • Marine Fishery Atlas Creating and Publishing System, 1998-2001, China
  • Coal Ming Survey Map Drawing and Data Manage System, 1995-1998, China


  • Participated in national 863 research project “Marine Fishery Dynamic Monitoring and  Managing System”, won the national second-place award in 2002.
  • The Study of Deep Sea Fishing Vessels’ Dynamic Monitor System, Nov. 2005
  • Multi-Scale Generalization and Expressing of Ocean Fishery Thematic Attribute Data, June. 2004
  • Marine Spatio-temporal Data Organizing Model, Mar. 2004
  • Research on the Reservoir Water Gate Three-Dimension Modeling, June. 2004
  • The Sea Area Grid Points Interpolating Arithmetic Study Based on SST Isoline, Mar. 2003
  • The Reading and Creating System of Marine Fishery Electronic Atlas, Feb. 2003
  • The Study of Multi-Template Electr-atlas, Feb.2002
  • Research on Spatiotemporal Correlative Matrix of SST Data of Ocean Fishery, June. 2004
  • On Relationship between Digital Surveying and Spatial Database Building, Feb. 2004
  • Software design and development for marine fisheries electronic mapping system, Mar,  2001