You are hereDr. William F. Welsh

Dr. William F. Welsh

 Assistant Professor

-- Ph.D., 2001, Geography, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
-- M.S , 1990 , Geo-Environmental Studies, Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania
-- B.S(with honors). 1986, Telecommunications, Kutztown University, Pennsylvania

Working Experience:
-- Assistant Professor, Department of Geography & Geology, Eastern Michigan University,
    Ypsilanti      August 2005- Present
-- Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina,
    Greensboro      August 2001- July 2005
-- Teaching Fellow/Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, University of North
    Carolina at Chapel Hill       Fall 2000/Spring 2001
-- Research Assistant, Landscape Characterization & Spatial Analysis Lab, Department of
    Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill       July 1997-July 2001
-- Visiting Lecturer, Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University,
    Bangkok, Thailand       January-June 1997

- Comfortable with Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX computer operating system
- Geographical Analysis Software: ArcGIS, ArcInfo, ArcView, Erdas Imagine, , S-Plus, PCI
- Global Positioning Systems (GPS) receivers and processing software
- Field Measurement and Instrumentation: vegetation, soil and terrain sampling methods;
  dendroecological methods (tree ring analysis); field spectroscopy (e.g.,
  spectroradiometer); socio-demographic and economic field mapping and interviewing
- Videography: scripting, directing, camera, editing, audio, post-production, logistics
- Spatially-referenced Multimedia (e.g., video, still photography, audio) in support of
  biophysical and social landscape characterization
- Miscellaneous Software: MS Office, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, SPSS (Windows)

- Digital image processing of multispectral satellite imagery including rectification,
  classification, enhancements, and change detection.
- GPS training and fieldwork, including designing sampling protocol (Ecuador, Nang Rong,
  Thailand and Glacier National Park, Montana).
- Quantitative analysis including spatial statistics, pattern metrics, and multivariate
  statistical analysis.
- GIS database development and analysis for multidisciplinary users (Geographers,
- Physical process fieldwork aimed at integrating ground and satellite data.
- Aerial photography analysis including manual interpretation, analog to digital conversion,
  and digital ortho-mosaic construction.
- Supervision and training of graduate and undergraduate students and research
  assistants in digital image processing, data capture (GPS, tablet and heads-up
  digitization), and aerial photo interpretation.

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