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MYTC: Mayor's Youth Technology Corps - Creating Safe Communities through Information Technology Training in Homeland
Security Applications (NSF DRL-0737589, 2008-2011, $900,000)

The MYTC project offers a collaboration of resources, support, and opportunities for strengthening science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education efforts. The MYTC project plans to recruit 100 students from high schools in Metropolitan Detroit, who are receiving about 250 hours training and hands-on experience in geographic information system and technology (GIS/T) and information assurance (IA) during a two-year period and also participating in a summer internship in a Detroit city department to work on a real-world project, through which they practice their skills. The MYTC project successfully met the project goals. First, the MYTC designed and conducted two summer institutes (51 students in 2008 and 54 students in 2009). Both summer institutes were considered successful as both recruitment and instructional goals were met or exceeded. Second, more than 350 students were recruited to participate in various MYTC training sessions and the total number far exceeded the target goal. Among them, 99 students successfully finished internship in nine Detroit city departments and State of Michigan Governor's Office (in addition 11 students were trained but not placed due to the funding limitation); 75 students finished the GIS/T training; and 73 students successfully passed the IA training (11 students completed the IA training with a grade below 70% and thus were not counted). Third, 16 teachers from Detroit Public Schools served as core team lead-teachers or were trained as teacher advisors, who supervised students' learning activities and participated in GIS and IA teaching and demonstration projects.

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