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WSA-GIS: Work/Site Alliance: Community-Based GIS Education
(NSF DUE 9752086, 1997 - 2001, $1,200,000)

WSA-GIS is an Advanced Technology Education (ATE) project and a partnership of Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU). The WSA-GIS is testing a new educational model relying on emerging skill standards and designed to respond swiftly to changing GIS technology and expanding workplace applications. In the high schools, interdisciplinary teams of four teachers and four students per teacher work on community-based projects addressing urban issues that affect their communities. Companies and other local organizations provide "real life" projects and data for students to develop GIS solutions focusing on urban issues such as public safety, crime reduction, brown field redevelopment, and environmental justice. The model joins educational institutions with businesses to train GIS educators and to develop curriculum which integrates employer-defined, work-based GIS projects. The curriculum permits students to be GIS practitioners while being engaged in formal GIS education at the certificate, associates, or bachelors degree levels.

The bulk of the efforts of the WSA were concentrated in the education of teachers and students in GIS and the development of "real-life" GIS projects and data. Two summer workshops and numerous other trainings were held for high-school, community college and university faculty. Faculty at Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU), and secondary school teachers from the four primary participating schools (Cody High School, Kennedy High School/Taylor Career Center, Novi High School, Ypsilanti High School), have been involved in several kinds of professional development activities over the course of the project. Other primary products developed by the WSA team include the WSA Training Manual and the WSA Case Studies.

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