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Geography and Geology Department
The Department of Geography and Geology has a long tradition and an exciting future. We have five programs to service those interested in the Geo-based arts and sciences. Along with our undergraduate programs in Earth Science, Geography, Geology, and Urban and Regional Planning we have secondary teacher certifications in Earth Science and Geography and Master's programs in Earth Science Teaching, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Historic Preservation, and Urban and Regional Planning.

The GIS program and Urban and Regional Planning program now cater to graduates and undergraduates alike, including undergraduate minors. Faculty are dedicated to giving their students the best that EMU can offer in technology and experience. Come to Eastern and see what we have to offer.

Geographic information systems (GIS)

GIS and GIT (Geographic information systems and Geospatial information technology) are making great strides at EMU with more faculty becoming involved in this fascinating technology both in the department and within the university.

Prof. Randal Baier of the University Library, incorporated GIS into his UNIV 177 FIG D Explorations of Rhetoric class. Students mapped the school and familiarized themselves with the campus.

Geographic information systems (GIS) have become indispensable tools for government, commerce, and environmental and social science. The demand for innovative GIS products, services, and ability is strong, and increasing. Consequently, the need for basic and applied research and education in geographic information technology (GIT) is great. An advanced degree or certificate in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) is particularly well suited to individuals interested in applied environmental studies. An exciting number of career choices are available to graduates of our programs in both the public and the private sector in Environmental Quality, Natural Resources management, Groundwater, and Remediation.

This site is your gateway to GIS education, research, and data sources at EMU.

We invite inquiries to the program. Please contact a GIS professor for additional information.


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Go Green-Study Green
A new program in the environment at EMU! IESS (Interdisciplinary Environmental Science and Society) is the newest major offered at EMU. Study towards a career in the growing "green economy."
For more info, contact the IESS program coordinator- Uli Reinhardt,

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