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Application Development & Customization

Application development is a general term used to describe the process of researching, specifying and designing the appearance and functions of a computer program. IGRE develops spatial applications from scratch to our clients needs or customizes off-the-shelf commercial applications that integrate with multiple disparate database sources that each of our clients provide us access to.

IGRE can design GIS applications for public safety, land records management, data maintenance, automated vehicle locating, economic development and natural resource management. We can also integrate applications with numerous hardware platforms such as handheld devices, notebooks, tablets, desktop machines and server environments using state-of-the-art developing tools.

Customization, on the other hand, is a term used to describe the manipulation of already existing program functions. Programs are customized to generally reduce the complexity of completing a task from several operations to one or two, or to add additional functionality. IGRE has a group of professional developers who can create custom GIS applications or customize your software to your requirements.

  1. ArcGIS Server - Java
  2. ArcGIS Server - Sliver light
  3. ArcGIS Server - Flash
  4. ArcGIS Server - .NET
  5. Map Server - Postgre SQL & PostGIS 
  6. Web Service - C#
  7. Web Service - PHP
  8. Arc Objects