Free GIS Tools Marplot and Aloha

A dramatically updated version of MARPLOT is now available for
downloading, along with a maintenance upgrade to ALOHA.

MARPLOT 4.0, available as of today, is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Working in its easy-to-use GIS interface, you can switch quickly between three basemaps: standard map files, high-resolution aerial photos, and topographical maps. You can draw overlay objects on the basemaps, customize your map view by specifying which objects and map layers are shown, and get LandView-like population estimates inside selected areas. You can click on a location of interest to get its elevation and an instant weather forecast, and you can easily display ALOHA threat zones on the map. Included web mapping services enable the latest U.S. Census county maps, and state and national map layers to
automatically download as you work in MARPLOT. Download MARPLOT 4.0 from the CAMEO website

If you're a Macintosh user, note that MARPLOT version 4.0 is currently available only for Windows. A Macintosh version is planned for the
future. In the meantime, if you have an Intel-based Mac, you can run
MARPLOT 4.0 in Windows using Boot Camp or virtualization software that allows you to run Windows on your Macintosh. Otherwise, you can download the previous version of MARPLOT for the Mac 3.3.3).

Also available as of today is ALOHA, which includes an updated chemical library, now with updated DIPPR data and updated toxic levels of concern (AEGLs, ERPGs, and TEELs), and a fix to a bug that prevented users from entering heat of vaporization when adding a new chemical to the library. ALOHA is compatible with Microsoft Windows and with Macintosh OS X. We recommend that all ALOHA users download ALOHA from the CAMEO Website


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