New GeoEarthScope LiDAR Data: Yellowstone, Tetons

Looking to explore some nifty LiDAR data for some national parks? See below.

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New GeoEarthScope LiDAR data: Yellowstone, Tetons, Wasatch now available

1. Google Earth. The easiest way to explore this dataset, users can view unfiltered (with vegetation) and filtered ("bare earth") hillshade images within Google Earth from two different illumination angles. The hillshade KMZ file is available for downloaded at [Joseph: Note: You can also open the KML in ArcGIS Explorer].

2. GIS. For more advanced applications, filtered ("bare earth," fg*) and unfiltered (ug*) 0.5 m resolution digital elevation models in Arc Binary grid format are also available for download as 1 km2 tiles. Users can browse and download available tiles via an interactive map available at [Joseph: Note: You can bring this data into ArcGIS; you'll need Spatial Analyst to best analyze it].

Additional ISB LiDAR data products will become available in the coming months, including coverage of the northern strand of the Nephi Segment of the Wasatch Fault, as well as point cloud access and custom DEM generation capability for all ISB coverage using GEON developed cyberinfrastructure. A metadata document for this project is also currently in preparation.

We would like to thank the National Park Service, with special thanks to the Geology, GIS and fire cache personnel at Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, for their support and collaboration.

Kind regards,
David Phillips and the GeoEarthScope LiDAR team

Funding agency
- National Science Foundation

Project management

Data acquisition, processing and distribution
- National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM): LiDAR data collection and processing
- Ohio State University (OSU): GPS data collection and processing
- Arizona State University (ASU): data distribution and analysis tools
- San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC): data distribution and analysis tools

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