Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Data

SRTM is the global elevation data set collected by the Space Shuttle back in 2000. The shuttle captain, Dom Gorie, spoke at a GIS conference a few years ago here in Colorado and what's more, remained at the conference with the attendees for a whole day. What a treat it was to speak with him and listen to his amazing stories. (

One archive for the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data is below.

Several items on it have recently changed. The link in the "Search and Order"
column used to open up a view that divided the world into about 15 panels.
Customers could buy individual panels on DVD. You now have 3 options:

. 1 Arc-Second "Finished" SRTM data covering the USA is available on, as is 3 Arc-Second data for areas outside US borders.
. SRTM data is now downloadable from EarthExplorer (
in 1 x 1 degree panels. It's offered in BIL and DTED formats - no "Finished
SRTM" format is offered. Areas within US borders are available with 1
arc-second and 3 arc-second spacing. Areas outside US borders are only
available with 3 arc-second spacing.
. Customers can acquire all SRTM data in either format by sending EROS a hard drive. The email account for this kind of transaction is

SRTM data is also offered on the Global Land Cover Facility:

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