Summer workshop

The summer workshop is targeted at high school students in the City of Detroit. 100 students recruited from all high schools in the Metropolitan Detroit will receive about 250 hours training and hands-on experience in IT and geographic information system and technology (GIS/T) during a two-year period. They will receive 21 hours training in computer foundations and software application basics, 30 hours training in GIS/T basics and applications in homeland security, 20 hours training in 2D and 3D GIS/T toolsets for critical infrastructure protection, 28 hours training and IT experience in Information Assurance, 30 hours training in Computer Emergency Response Team Operations, and 120 hours summer internship in a Detroit city department or contractor to work on a real-world project, through which they practice their skills. 2 Moreover, 30 hours advanced training in Computer Forensics will be provided as an option for those students who want to get in-depth knowledge and skill.

This workshop will have profound impacts on the high school students in the Detroit Metropolitan Area for creating cutting-edge career pathways in IT and GIS/T, providing informal STEM learning opportunities, and providing linkages to college experiences. Moreover, the collaboration in this project involves University technology researchers (expertise in IT and GIS/T), informal education agencies and champions (online education and facilitation, after-school programs, and parental connections), security concerned agencies and industries (hands-on projects and internship experiences), and public schools (student recruitment and career training). This partnership provides a sustainable model for making the  ITEST activities live and be part of national efforts to advance STEM education and to explore new ways to train our 21st-century working force. Therefore, this project will serve as a national model and broaden its impacts to the national level.

By attending workshop, the students will gain skills through hands-on experiences and internships designed and supervised by distinguished GIS/T and IT researchers, technologists, and educators. Upon completion of the program, the students will receive a “Completion Certificate” jointly issued by the Environmental System Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), the world’s leading GIS/T software designer and developer, and Eastern Michigan University. This certificate, recognized and respected by the GIS/T industry, will help students in seeking employment.






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