last we had to do an report about catching an arsonist.To do that we had to look up infomation on the internet.To do that the first thing we had to do was find out what an arson was(ARSON-the crime of deliberately and maliciously setting fire to stuctures or wildland areas). Then we had to see wat lyers would be useful on the map.This was a hard thing to do because we neeeded to think out side the box on where to look,who to call and things like that.some of the layers we came u with was insurance companys, public buildings Etc. Some of the people we neded to call was building owner, the people and the community, the constractors( the company whos rebuiding that particular  site), insurrance company Etc. we tried to break it down as much as possible. so we said it was only going to apply to the city of detroit. the reason we picked detroit was because many arsonal crimes happen and detroit and many of them is young adults. The thing was the question HOW TO CATCH AN ARSON? wasnt answered. We thought hard an came up with a solution and was 1)get a map of detroit 2)add the layes of the type of stucture burned 3)calll all the people linked to that buisness or u think is linked 4)last but not least be inter active ,by which i mean,talking to the people in that neiborhood and try to get them to speak. The most valuable thing i learned was to listen and think out side the box,because you can find alot of things interesting that you wouldnt never know was there.

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