Interns Payments Notice

August 12, 2009

RE: The MYTC 2009 Summer Intern Payment


Dear Student and Family,

Under the request of Dr. Yichun Xie, the project director of NSF Mayor’s Youth Technology Corps, I am writing to you to explain the details of the MYTC 2009 Summer Intern payments. 

The payment is being issued in two (2) installments. The first installment is $400, while the second installment is the remaining balance, which is $800 if an intern successfully works a total 120 hours.  I was informed that the first installation (payment) shall be sent out to you on next Monday (August 17, 2009). I expect that you will receive the first check ($400) next week.

Please note: the second paycheck of $800 or the remaining balance will be issued only after the EMU Grant Office receives the confirmation that each student is doing a good job for internship and completes 120 hours in total. If the actual working hours for an intern are less than 120 hours, this intern shall expect a deduction calculated at $10.00 per hour. For example, if a student finishes a total 100 hours working, she or he will get a second payment $600 (= $1000 total - $400 first payment).  If the confirmation comes on time, the 2nd payment will be issued on or soon after 9/10/09.

Please feel free to contact me should you have further questions.


Bo Zhao,
Administrative Assistant Accounting
Institute for Geospatial Research and Education
Eastern Michigan University
125 King Hall
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
Tel: (734) 487-8655
Fax: (734) 487-5394

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