Welcome Message

Dear students,

On behalf of Eastern Michigan University, the City of Detroit Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Detroit Public Schools, we welcome you to the Mayor’s Youth Technology Corp summer program. We are pleased that you have chosen to participate in this program. And hope that you choose to continue your education at Eastern Michigan University upon Graduation.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday July 20, 2009.

At:    Breithaupt Voc-Tech Center
        9300 Hubbell Street,
        Detroit MI, 48228

Your parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the opening morning program with you. The program day will run from 8:00 am until 1:45 pm. Monday July 20, 2009 thru Friday July 24, 2009. The students will be   provided both breakfast and lunch during the course of the day. Please bring the student information sheet and the W-9 form completely filled in to check-in on Monday July 20, 2009. Having the current information on  the students is important to maintaining their safety during the program. It is also crucial to keeping the lines of communication open between the program and the students Parents/Guardians.

Thank-you in advance for your assistance. For students who require a bus pass please contact Ms. Margaret Jolin, MYTC PTS Technical Coordinator, 248-497-6995. You will be responcible to get to Breithaupt Voc-Tech Center Monday July 20, 2009. You will be provided with your bus pass at check-in.


Yichun Xie, Principal Investigator
National Science Foundation ITEST - MYTC Project



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